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Roland FP30 vs Kawai ES110

Having a piano at home is nice so player can practice more and master their skill faster but, not all pianos out there are made for the right user,

Yamaha YDP 103 vs 143B

Learning piano is not easy and looking for the perfect piano is also not easy because we need to consider a lot of things depend on each player’s preferences.

Yamaha YDP 103 vs P 125

Most of us are already familiar with how good Yamaha instruments are and since they are offering both beginner and professional line of products, we can choose freely. For

Yamaha DGX 660 vs Roland FP30

Digital or electric piano is a nice option for any student or player who are wanting to learn or improve their skill without spending so much on the real,

Yamaha DGX 660 vs P125

Just like with many other things, having a good equipment will elevate our overall experience whether you want to learn a skill or polish them to be better including

Yamaha DGX 660 vs YDP 143B

Yamaha as one of the most popular digital instrument manufacturer have a huge option to pick and it can be hard to choose from those collection. If you are

Yamaha P125B vs P125

While pianos may look the same, just like everything else in the market, each one of them may have different capabilities that will benefit us later. Yamaha as one

Yamaha P45B vs P115

While piano is not the easiest instrument to master, it is not reducing many people’s interest on learning them whether it is children or adults. If you are still

Yamaha P45B vs Korg B1

Learning how to play piano will need a proper beginner equipment to start your journey and for those who just need a good item to polish our skills, an